what is seo and why seo is important for business

What is SEO? 9 reasons why SEO is important for business?

SEO is about enhancing the website on google to achieve a higher rank on search engine for the selected keywords. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO involves making certain changes to your website that makes the website more attractive to the search engines.

Search engines always provide the best services for users. This means on the search engine instantly gives the results which are not only of good quality but also with great relevance to the search query or keyword, the searcher is looking for.

Why SEO is important?

SEO is playing a key role in business administration. As the world is getting updated technologically, the search for products or services on the internet has abundant value. Of all, search engines are dominating and influences the purchase behavior.

Most of the Internet browsing people are more likely to click on, one of the top five suggestions in the result pages. So, to get more qualified visitors, the website should stand in one of the top 5 results on SERP.

If two websites are offering the same services, the one which has the more domain authority, best user experience, earn trust of Google by high quality incoming links will be ranked.

Users rely on search engines to get the information. If your business website stands at top positions as a result of the keyword, the user searches for, automatically it enhances your business awareness and authority over the competitors.

Here are the reasons why SEO is very important for business:

1. Provides Supreme quality traffic

Good SEO always brings in the highest quality traffic to the website. It keeps the results fair. SEO not only brings more traffic but also attracts quality leads who are interested to opt for your product or services. 

SEO helps in getting more visibility of your website which will lead to an increased number of visitors to your website. It will also help in increasing blog traffic and its rank. The content of your web page is the most influencing factor for your website’s Google ranking.

2. Greater conversion rate

Conversion rate can be defined as the ratio of the number of people who turn out to be your customers to the total number of people reaching your website through search engines. The SEO highly targets the visitors who are interested in your business and reroutes them to visit your page. This will help in increasing the conversion rate by converting the viewers to the product buyers thereby, increasing the profit of your business.

Seo-optimized sites load quickly when compared to normal websites. This feature allows users to easily access your website. With SEO your website will be responsive across all the devices, they get displayed in almost all kinds of devices from desktops to smartphones. With the increased traffic and reduced bounce rate, your website can  appear in more searches which ultimately Leads to get more subscribers.

3. Reduces Marketing Cost

Since organic search is an enormous part of most business websites and also a prominent component for a buyer, which leads to a complete conversion. Google owns 75% of overall searches in the world. It shows that Google is the leader of search engines, but the rest 25% of the market lead by other search engines is visible, worthy to brands as well.

The usage of SEO is more cost-effective when compared to a paid advertisement. The paid advertisements appear at the head of the webpage, above organic results given by SEO. PPC is very expensive as it costs for every click but whereas SEO is free. PPC gets ineffective over time as it has a complication in the name of ad blindness.

4. Improves User experience

The Expectations and needs of customers vary with time. To meet the needs of customers, you should provide the best services. you should understand the prospects of their needs. If the user or customer does not find what they want from your website, they will bounce back from your website and may not visit again. To overcome this problem, you need to have a proper website structure that helps the user to find the information they are looking for. Apart from that provide pertinent information like relatable videos, photos, diagrams to assist text what helps in increasing the User experience. When you have a better SEO strategy, your website content will be well organized and structured. If the number of clicks is more, the purchasers will also be more.

5. Strengthens brand credibility

If your website stands on the topmost results, it gives an impression to the customer that you are one of the top competitors of the industry. It shows that your product has good demand and many of the customers have already visited you. This will help in recognizing your brand which makes your website as well as your services trustworthy.

6. Promotes brand awareness

The process in which the targeted audience recognizes a brand is known as brand awareness. visibility acts as a determining factor of your brand popularity. Showing up your brand at topmost results in any search engine will gain a large number of visitors, which in turn promotes brand awareness. Also, if your keywords were at top results, it helps the visitor to associate your products with the help of the same words.

7. Provides ROI(Return on investments)

SEO is one of the most affordable and cost-efficient marketing activities. The close rates of SEO are around 15% but whereas on ads on the mail are only 2%. You must maintain and demonstrate your products so that the customer should approach and buy from you. This enables you to check how your efforts are working in digital marketing in coping up with the competitors. It is better to make alterations when needed.

8. Influences the buying cycle

SEO will grow the profits over a while with an increase in the demand for your product in the market. It is like a magnet that attracts probable buyers to your website through keywords that are relevant to your site. Influencing the buying cycle usually involves three stages. 

The first stage is Awareness. Improvising brand awareness by providing useful information about the product on your website, which will make your product take a higher position. Customers are more likely to trust the brand which provides valuable content. This will help in increasing brand awareness in the market.

The second stage is Consideration. you should convince the customers to consider and buy your product with your quality content. This is the stage where you have to face your competitors and beat the comparison. This is the most vulnerable stage to attract buyers. 

The third stage is Decision. The customer will already have an idea in choosing the product, you must safeguard your visibility and results from your competitors. In this stage, the candidates will become the customers. You have to be very keen on your branded words.

SEO places your brand and services, where the clients expect to get them. When a customer searches in the form of questions, SEO will provide all the answers for them. This helps in nurturing the profits through the buying cycle.

9. Long term strategy

The long-term strategy of SEO is the most important benefit of it.SEO is considered as a long term strategy because it takes several months(about 3 to 6 months) for your websites to increase the traffic through SEO, but if it is well optimized, it can keep its positions longer. If the user searches for something, it can show results anywhere from a year, to date or from the date of its execution. It can hold for many years. If your website tops the results for once, it can stay there for a longer period. Although the search engines keep updating, by making a few modifications with the emerging trends, your website can stay on the top results. The Trust you have earned for your product is going to remain for longer years.

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