Adwords Vs SEO - which is best for your business

Adwords vs SEO which is best for your marketing

AdWords and SEO are two words that always get echoed in the platform of digital marketing. In this technological era, both of them have their importance in search engine marketing. Before jumping into the conclusions let us get to know about them individually.

SEO is about enhancing the website on google to achieve a higher rank and for additional search terms. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO involves making certain changes to your website that makes the website more attractive to the search engines.


Search engines always provide the best services for users. This means on the search engine instantly gives the results which are not only of good quality but also with great relevance to the keyword, the searcher is looking for.

Advantages of SEO:

It provides User experience:

SEO helps in providing relevant information in the form of text photos, videos, and diagrams which helps the customers to navigate through the websites.

It brings the leads:

Engages the customers with a wide range of availability of information. It brings the largest traffic to the website. This is very user-centric that helps in targeting a particular section of customers.

It helps in higher conversion and ROI:

The larger is the site traffic the more conversions will happen. SEO paves the way to attract more visitors to purchase your services. It turns the visitors into the customers. It is a cheaper way of digital marketing when compared to any other method.

SEO is a long-term strategy:

Although SEO takes about 3 to six months to show results, it stands for a long time top positions. If you keep updating your website with Google algorithm, it will automatically place your website in the top results. 

Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is a platform run by Google that enables the company to promote its website through advertisements in the search results When the user searches for a particular keyword. The advertisers pay for each click the users make on their advertisement. The advertisers’ set rules and invest some daily budget in the AdWords in order to get customers to their websites.

google ads for local business

Types of adwords advertising campaigns:

Search network:

In this type of campaign, it allows you to make text ads or the search engine results. This is a better place to advertise for a wide range of businesses and it is best for local businesses as well.

Display networks:

It is meant for displaying image ads. It maintains over millions of websites to manage its ads. It contains marketing objectives for building campaigns regarding the improvement of awareness, visits, and actions.

Video advertise:

Google AdWords makes campaigns with videos that get advertised over YouTube. It allows you to select the ad format in which you can skip the ad after 5 seconds of buffering while playing a video. It helps u to create commercial advertisements through video content which helps in promoting the product.

Shopping advertisement:

The shopping advertisement will display about your e-Commerce stores and directs their links to your website.

Universal app campaign:

This enables us to advertise the app in search, video network, display, etc. It promotes Google reach and drives the in-app purchases and sales.

Advantages of Google AdWords:

AdWords works accurately than SEO

The topmost advantage of Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. Both SEO and Google AdWords have strategies to bring out more traffic and leads. The Adwords allows us to focus on multiple keywords at a single time. You can also turn the campaigns on and off if you want to. These ads make their appearance on the top of the pages, increases the visibility of the website.

Improve brand awareness:

Google AdWords besides increasing the traffic, clicks, and also prompting conversions helps in increasing brand awareness.

Influences the customers:

With the popup and displayed ads, the customers will get attracted and visit the website. This is the best way to attract and influence customers.

More engaging than organic results:

Google has updated to new ad formats in the past few years like producing videos on YouTube.these ads look brighter when compared to the organic results, where there are more chances of visits by the customers to the website.

Estimates the performance:

Google AdWords can measure the performance and clearly say who clicked on your ad post, which keyword has brought in the highest traffic and the number of total leads generated, the cost per each click, etc. All this information helps you to perform better in the future.

AdWords versus SEO:

  • AdWords better perform only in the sites of google but whereas SEO’s practices are applicable for all types of search engines.
  • The SEO generates traffic in a continuous manner but AdWords bring traffic only during their campaign.
  • SEO places the websites only in the Google search results, but whereas AdWords places on partner websites as well as Google websites.
  • SEO is an effective way to improve the ranking in terms of organic search and is highly targeted by the help of keywords that are present in the content of your website.
  • It is easy to calculate the ROI using AdWords when compared to SEO.
  •  AdWords are a lot more expensive Whereas SEO is free of cost.
  • If your service is a one-time event, Adwords is the better option because of its quick nature.

Adwords and SEO are equally important when it comes to digital marketing. They bring good traffic and increase ranking. They are divergent implements that give convergent results. AdWords are ideal for new launches and startups which need Higher reach, visibility and urge to attract customers quickly to increase marketing sales.

SEO helps to rank your website for a longer Run since it is a long term strategy. Each one of them has their individual capacity to bring more number of leads. Adword strategy is best for the marketers who need immediate results and SEO is best for the marketers who need steady growth of traffic and ranking.

The combination of SEO and AdWords can give optimum outputs regarding traffic, sales, visits, etc. It is more appropriate for customers who are searching for similar products. SEO and AdWords together can double visibility than usual. They also increase the opportunities in getting more number of customers to your website. They give a greater chance of improving traffic. In the beginning, with the help of AdWords you can get the traffic but later by using SEO, stabilizes the traffic.

The usage of SEO or AdWords depends upon the business you own. They also can work well together.

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